Is entrepreneurship worth a shot?

It shouldn’t always be for the privileged.



It wasn’t a long time ago when starting a business was only meant for the privileged. This was because of the money put into the initiation of the business. Obviously, only the rich had that kind of money.

Even though the privileged had it, they were ridiculed for taking any chance with their money. This was always because people only knew the business from mouth-to-mouth advertisements.

Then came the time when the internet took over the business field, and now even the newest startup is known to millions. This meant that the chances of startups of increasing with the increase in technological possibilities. Your idea might be similar to a business already existing. But, the execution of the idea would be unique.

Not every startup has every amenity to itself. Some might have the infrastructure (office), while some might already have the workforce ready. You know the famous garage story of Google. The company worked in a garage, the Menlo Park garage, which has turned into a major landmark in their process to success. Lack of infrastructure did not bother them because they had the idea which would rule the internet world for decades to come.

Yes, it is worth a shot to answer the original question. You need to take a chance so that the world does not remain unknown of your genius. Your idea of a sugar-free substance shouldn’t remain to your friends and yourself.

Take a shot. It’s worth it.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal



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