When do you start your “startup”?





Suppose you get an idea for an app that could revolutionize the entire industry related to it. But, do you have the resources for it? If the answer is yes, then it’s good. Do you know how to make it work? You do? Great!

There are certain elements to you working on a startup. The idea of a startup is come up with, always, when you focus on the shortage and not on the abundance of the work available. Now, this shortage might weaken your strength to change, do not let it get to you. Rather, let it go.

Here, we discuss the elements in ascending manner —

  1. One day, while you sip your green tea, you look for a sweetener (no one like green tea). You cannot find one. You look for a solution. Would you come up with a simple idea to resolve it? Yes. Do you think this would help your friends too? You would immediately ping your friends about it. This idea revelation is called an “insight”.
  2. Once you find the idea and even your friends like it and use it, you find yourself in a dilemma to keep using it for the rest of your lives (if you stick to drinking the green tea). You got to make a decision. The decision would be to make a jar of the sweetener for further use. But, you need to provide it to your friends too.
  3. This decision now requires the logic behind it. You know the logic, your friends approve of it. Go for it.
  4. Once you decide on your insight, you have to develop a strategy to put this idea to work. The strategy is one single aspect of your whole idea, which you cannot work without. You should strive to play to win. You need to play to exist first. Once your existence is approved by the audience, you then play to win.

You might have some lack of resources like of capital or probably of experience if you know nothing of business. Failure is your success in disguise. We know this sounds cliched. But it is. Calm yourself down and work it.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal



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