We recruit learners.

Learners make the best employees.

While we interview a new recruit, we see two things — Attitude and Discipline.

The attitude to learn and the discipline to continue the learning.

As a company, we assure our employees that it is okay to not know something and always coerce them to learn better.

Our interviewer says that the attitude to learn is always evident in the way the interviewee speaks. We witness the spark of learning in their eyes, and zeal to better the opportunity.

Here, we have three different kinds of learners —

The auditory learners, who would either blast off the video without headphones or the ones who sit the entire day with the headphones plugged in. We promise not to bother them but try to inspirit them (Storytelling).

The kinesthetic learners, who wish to try and learn. They probably live by the trial and error method, because they know that we are always there to help (Trial).

The visual learners, who see and learn. You would often witness them glued to their laptop or phone screens when they try to learn something (Demonstration).

Growth with the company = Growth of the employee = Growth of the company culture.

Learning through the hustle is just as Steve Jobs has quoted, “Learn continually — there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn!”.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal