The 15-minute meeting at the workplace

Worth it.

Image Credit: Unsplash

The everyday toiling at the workplace always has an interesting event in it — the meeting. It can be made interesting in the following ways —

  1. Keep an ice-breaker: The early morning meet might be a boring one because people have just entered the office. The ice-breaker can be a joke or even a heartwarming greeting (Well, the second one would be more appropriate).
  2. A good news a day keeps the moodiness (in the meeting) away: It can be as simple as “The company has bought a new coffeemaker” or as subjective as “The app launch has been proven successful”. The coffee and the success, both would be helpful for your hardworking employees.
  3. Allow everyone to speak in the meeting: If it is a meeting with only 10–15 employees or a meeting with 20–25 employees, everyone (who wishes to) should be given an opportunity to speak.
  4. Make the ideas ‘feel’ welcome: Not every idea would be the bestselling, but they might not be worthless either. Make sure someone notes down the ideas and tries working on them.
  5. Show and tell: This probably feels like something a teacher would tell a student. But, it comes in handy everywhere, even in the office. Learning styles differ with people. Not everyone can be the “I am an avid reader” of the office, some can be “Hey I know the meaning behind this meme”.

These are some simple tips, and we know that you might already be following that. But, probably refresh your ideas.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal