Startups: Chaotic success

A hurricane is enough to change your fate.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Your movement from the idea to insight to strategy to the final product is your success, and people, this is your chaotic success. Let us explain how — you get your idea randomly (maybe, while having a beer, or taking a bath), then you proceed to use it once, making it your insight, then you work towards a plan/strategy, and ultimately you experiment your project on your family and friends.

This small success means that you have completed your first step to the outside world. This is exactly the ‘chaos theory’ in a nutshell. Small differences in your life lead to big successes and changes.

Every startup story has that little hurricane in it which leads to a big state of success. Now, this stays the same for failures too.

A stakeholder’s entry and exit in your company would create a small impact. Let the small impact be an impact. Do not LET IT GO.

There are two things that you got to do while you build your success — Choose the best people available for your work (they make the best company), and lookout for a long-time investor.

To end this, please do remember the firsts in your company — the first customer, the first interview, the first employee, the first investor meeting (and the investor too), the first partner, and others. This would help you track your success.

You do not know the change you might bring onto a place, so keep creating impact on others, and do not forget what impact others have had on you as well.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal