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You can always google what you need to hear, but it’s not always promising what you would get. The internet has no shortage of any tips, cues, hacks, ideas, or anything that you are wishing for, but YOU might not get the results you are wishing for.

“The heart wants what the heart wants.”

This line is what does not stop you from looking for more answers. Even if you find those answers, there are two probabilities to the answers —

It either would be so generic or vague that you find them silly or something that you already do. If not this, then it might be so complex that understanding it would require your whole life to comprehend.

We too are a new startup, and here are 5 things we have learnt the hard way-

  1. Credits and Blames do not work either way — You cannot credit yourself for everything you achieve or blame yourself for something you lose. A startup is a game of consistency. How consistent you can be to provide to your people is what matters. Also, it’s not always you, sometimes it is luck. So be strapped to the ground.
  2. There would always be something that you would not know — You cannot be an omniscient (person who knows everything). You can excel in a field, but still not know everything. This means that you would need a team to grow. That team is your company. Value them.
  3. Verbal success doesn’t matter, tangible success does — You and I being customers would only believe in a product or service once we see that it has gathered many positive reviews. So, this is what we need to do as a producer/ business as well. You bragging about how much success you got, it would be better if the people see the proof.
  4. Noise is OKAY! — Every business deserves success. What would happen if someone is successful today and everyone is talking about them, there is hype in the air? Nothing. You have to go through your day and work and prove your worth. You do not wish to die with a few days of success, so work hard to keep it going!
  5. Talk — Talk to your employees, your customers, middlemen, agents, practically everyone. Everyone needs improvement, and you’ll never know where it comes from. Not talking might not sit right with your work.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal