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How you live now is the mere reflection of how you save! Did you know that? Everyone says that you only get rich when you earn a buttload of money. But, no no!

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.” — Charles A. Jaffe.

There are situations when you think that you need to stay at a particular work because it pays well, even though it might eff up your mental condition. Get outta there!

You do not need material things for happiness! I know this sounds cliched, but this is true. But hear me out. Do you think that the Chanel purse would fend your children food if you run out of money? Surely, it would be worth it if sold out. Would you like that? Nope!

So, try to save money by not buying anything that is not needed. Try following the 24-hour routine. If you feel like buying something at the top morning hour, then wait till night time and see if you still need it.

Being afraid of investments should be shaved right off! No, it isn’t gambling. You are scared that if you put your hard-earned money into something, then you wouldn’t be able to get any returns from it.

I know it is risky but think about the returns if the market has a surprising increase.

Read some books on investments, get on the track, and run!

Avoid the belief that you cannot save! I know it is hard to save when you run outta money every time you are paid.

But think when you’d look into the savings jar and find a $100 when you are broke AF and have nothing left in your wallet.

Okay, there is no pressure to save 90% of your earnings, but start with 5% at least. Keep the jar away from your vision, and try this for 4–5 months, and see the magic (bippity-boppity-boop, your money’s in the savings’ loop)

Stop buying everything your colleague buys! You do not know how much he/she earns. Okay, she bought a Mustang, but you got a car that works well enough.

The peer/societal pressure is very high today. I know. I have faced it. But, you, try not to fall into the trap of inflation of your needs/wants.

The very first time I earned $20, I spent it in a single day. Think about my misery.


Society doesn’t decide for you. You do. You know you do not need the new Louboutin heels, so do not buy them.

The side-hustle you need is still there. Choose it or leave it.

The new skill is out there. Learn it or Leave it.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal