How to write a business plan?

Take a notepad and start writing.

Imagine yourself sleeping and dreaming about how successful you have become in a span of 10 years. Your pictures are being snapped, and stories are being written in magazines. You are happy. But, you wake up and see yourself on the first step to the milestone.

You look around and find your notebook. All scribbled over and nothing to be deduced.

What you should do next is here —

  1. Start afresh. Write in points as to what idea you wish to see being tangible.
  2. Make a business plan.

You may ask, what a business plan is. A business plan is a set of plans, ideas, suggestions, plotholes, and objectives, you need to start off your business. This is the “homework” you’d have to do to kickstart your plan.

The ways to write a business plan are —

  1. Write your business description i.e. what you wish to provide to the world.
  2. Analyse the competition in the market. Many people might have done different many ideas on the same subject. You need to know how you stand out.
  3. Create a budgetary plan.
  4. Mention the backup of your work. Every occupation requires a backup plan.

Sleep again, and look at how you have achieved everything happily.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal




Empowering Bharat to Protect Better, Save Better and Borrow Better

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Asquire Global Financial Solutions

Empowering Bharat to Protect Better, Save Better and Borrow Better

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