How do entrepreneurs help people?


A 1000 benefits come with a single idea.

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When a person comes up with a new idea to renovate the economy, they do not even promote their own idea, they develop so many other opinions, relationships, and activities.

Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in the development of the economy at present. This includes the entry of new firms, the exit of an existing firm, and also the turbulence caused by the entry and exits of firms.

The most important ‘help’ that a business lends is the growth of the economy in terms of employment.

Those are liars who say money doesn’t matter. Money matters the most when it is a capitalist world out there. When there is an employment spurt, there is a generation of income. This income helps many households.

Startups create employment opportunities not only for the idea-creator but also the people employed for the person. It might be a team of 5 or a team of 20, a significant amount of people from the sector get job opportunities.

People from the outward sectors of the country get access to services due to the startups because mostly they are the target groups.

A single idea culminates into a thousand actions and benefits.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal



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