5 books you need to read as a startup

No, it doesn’t include your regular list

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When you Google the books you ought to read while working on your startup or investing somewhere, a long list of repetitive books would come up. Most sites out of the ten searches would give you almost the same results.

So, to keep you from that, here are 10 books that we read and recommend to people —

Look for it, you’ll find it.

Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life — We believe that you might have heard about this book long before you read this blog. The word ‘Ikigai’ means the ‘reason to live’, so as a startup, you’ll learn concepts like your passion, your profession, your vocation, and your mission through all this, and what you need to focus on these fields.

Find your lost reasons!

Lost and Founder — You would love to know the reason behind the not-so-successful time of your startup. This book by Rand Fishkin delves you deeply into an alternate world of startups. Even when you know, you’d understand with much more depth about the failures, pitfalls, the ups and downs of a startup.

Find the magic in your idea!

Enchantment — We all have been, for once in our lives, been enchanted by the beautiful magical world of Disney, which means that the people at Disney succeeded. They wanted us to wish for that, and we did. This is what Guy Kawasaki through this book wants us to do. He wants us to capture the audience with our ideas and make them change their minds.

Take off!!!

Will It Fly? — Imagine the time when you had an idea for a startup, but after a while, you begin to question the success of the idea. This is exactly what is in this book. Pat Flynn through his book wants you to take a step back and not run to conclusions about the business.

Yes, It’s Buzz Lightyear on the hardcover.

Creativity, Inc. — When you are an entrepreneur, your creative mind is always running and giving you ideas to take it to the next level. This book by Ed Catmull digs deep into Pixar animation, and helps you gain ideas on how to get through an issue, or not forget the ‘I’ve got a friend in you’ situation in others.

Did you find your book on the list? No! Comment on this blog and we will give you our list of books.

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Author: Rajani Rajagopal